We are working in the field of Engineering :

EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMI – Electromagnetic Immunity

EMC – Filterdesign with Nanocrystalline and other Inductors

What we are creating, has the half size ;=) or the double Performance

To get us: best per mail: info@poess.de „

If you need more information about Design or Applications…

Windpower – Design Inductive Absorbers for longer Runninc

Solar – Projects: Higher Efficiency and lower Losses > 99%

Industrial Application: VFD, Motor and Machines => Improving Reliability in Respect of EMC and Steering

Common – Mode – Current Reduction (down to 10 % ;=)

Automotive – Common – Mode Noise Reduction

Creating EMC – Filter Components to increase Uptime of Motors (Motorbearing – Current – Reduction)

Many more Projects … but under NDA …